The White Council

The White Council is an alliance of virtuous guilds and the towns under their control on Siege Perilous shard of Ultima Online. The guilds within the alliance work closely together to support their own activities, including hunts and events, and to fight malevolent guilds and characters. The White Council will also work with other groups and individuals of a goodly nature to further these aims, foster community and help protect the innocent.

The behaviour and working practices of the alliance is laid out in The White Council Charter. Any guild seeking membership of the Council should refer to this document first.
Members of The White Council
Alliance Leadership
Chancellor:  Bruin
Deputy Chancellor: Hoffs
Seneschal: n/a
First General: n/a
Second General: n/a
Third General: n/a

Citizens of Wispwood Shire (CWS)
Representative:  Bruin

Gilfane (GIL)
Representative:  Hoffs  (Stratics - Hoffs, ICQ - 193165018)

The White Crusaders (CRUS)
Commander:  Saugus Brisbane
Marshal:   Vortex
Lieutenants:  Glorious Lady Ji,   Toth UrZrethi